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Photocopier Rental and Sale

– no long term contracts –


COLOUR Copiers


At Printer Medic we are able to rent you a photocopier with no contract.

Our rental prices for colour copiers start from £35 per month with a copy cost of £0.01p Black A4 and £0.05p Colour A4. The copier will be fully maintained retaining excellent working order and print quality. All you need to do is add paper, we supply everything else.

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BLACK Only Copiers

When you need cost effective copies or prints and don’t need colour then these mono copiers or printers are the most cost effective option. At just 1p per copy we provide all the maintenance, toners, drums and other consumables so all you need to do is just add paper and leave the rest to us.

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Just Add Paper

No Fixed Term Contract

The most attractive feature for all of our customers is the lack of a fixed term contract.   Many have been badly bitten by being tied into 3 or 5 year contracts only to find that their business model has changed and the machine no longer suits their needs.   For most this means that they need a larger, faster, machine with additional bells and whistles but the upgrade is denied them because of the contract.   For others it is a downgrade that is required but again denied them because of the contract.  For this reason, we offer no fixed term contracts.

Only Whilst Useful to You

You need a machine that  provide the level of document handling that will add to the efficiency of your business at the time. So we want you to use our machine for as long as it is useful to you and if the time comes for an upgrade or downgrade we can accommodate that immediately.   This means you will always have the right machine for the right requirements at the right time.


This level of flexibility is hard to find in today’s business world where copier companies want to lease you the largest all singing, all dancing machine that they can get away with….and lock you into that all important set of handcuffs they call a contract.   We can provide you with the right machine now and if, in a couple of months, you decide to change it for something else you will be free to do so.   And don’t think that this level of flexibility is costly because it is not.  We provide a very cost effect means for you to deal with your day to day documents without it breaking the bank.

Just Add Paper

We can supply you with a machine that will admirably suit your needs and provide the level of document handling that will add to the efficiency of your business.    With this arrangement all you need to do is just add paper, we do everything else, providing full maintenance and all the toner and drums that you need leaving you free to concentrate on what it is that you do best.

Why rent a copier?

By renting a copier you avoid large initial expenditures when you may only need the copier for the duration of a project. We can rent copiers and printers for short terms for exhibitions, building site offices, large projects, trade shows, seminars and conventions and many other short term occasions.

We can also rent for much longer periods where it is advantageous to contain costs. Copier maintenance can be expensive so to avoid unexpectedly high periodic maintenance costs rental is the sensible way forward. That way you spread the costs and you have the peace of mind.

Renting vs Leasing


When you lease a copier you are signing up to a long term contract of maybe 3-5 years. No matter what happens to your business during this contract the lease has to be paid, and it has to be paid for the whole period. Any variations to this lease are very expensive and fees will be paid.


When you rent a copier you are taking on a commitment for as long as you need it. Rental can be stopped at any time, maybe with a 30 day notice period, but you only rent for as long as you need the machine.

Benefits of renting a photocopier

Our customers see the major benefit in renting as the flexibility we offer them. There are times when you require something different from your office equipment but if you are locked in to a lease contract then there is no changing that. Maybe you will be moving to a smaller office where space will be at a premium and cannot accomodate the large floor standing machine. We can change your machine for a desktop machine with all the functionality but requiring less space. Or, if you are expanding and require a heavier duty machine that will cater for your new, higher output requirement then we can provide that. No matter what your printing, copying or scanning requirements are we have the right solution for you.

You are only committed to using our machine for as long as you find it useful, then we change it for whatever you need at the time. We can provide regular upgrades and newer models become available so that your document handling is always at it optimum.

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